Founder's Blend Beard Wash Unscented (4oz)

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Smells LikeUnscented, Fragrance-Free, Natural, Nutty Undertone. Low aroma.

WARNING: A patchy, itchy and rancid beard WON’T help your Lady Friend get close!
You want a quick solution that cleans your beard of STANK and junk WITHOUT damaging your beard or skin.

Lather up to leave your skin and beard feeling moisturized and clean AF. Stop jackin’ your beard up with bar soap or regular shampoo. 

Introducing: Guilty Pleasure Beard Wash

Don't Know Who The F We Are?

🧀 Wisconsin Based. 🇺🇸 Veteran Owned. 🤘 Wax Dipped Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Everything Company. 🍺 Taking care of THIRSTY BEARDS in the Midwest

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