Founder's Blend Beard Oil (1oz)

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Smells LikeUnscented, Fragrance-Free, Natural, Nutty Undertone. Low aroma.

WARNING: A patchy, itchy and rancid beard WON’T help your Lady Friend get close!
You want a quick solution that gives your beard a great smell, lasts all day AND finally gets you compliments from strangers WITHOUT making your beard and face feel oily or greasy.

Introducing: Founder's Blend beard oil.


  • Simple and Easy Beard Care and Repair

  • Leaves hands feeling soft, not greasy or oily, when you run your hands in your beard

  • Relieve Annoying Itch for New or Established Beard Length

  • Properly Moisturize, Soften, and Nourish Skin and Hair

  • Reduce and Eliminate Unsightly Beard Flakes On Your Clothes

  • Promote Healthy, Full Beard Growth

  • Adds Shine and Charm

  • Confidence

When you decided to grow a beard, you had a vision for what you wanted it to look and feel like. LiT Founder’s Blend lets you achieve that vision. If your goal is to look good, feel good, and give others Beard Envy, our premium Founder’s Blend is what you need. 

Handcrafted and blended to perfection, our exclusive mix of premium, natural, and Organic oils is rich in the nutrients your beard wants and needs. Free of any scented oils, this is for the guy looking for a simple and easy way to grow, nourish, and maintain a healthy beard. 

How to Use

Use daily. This oil is a blue collar, workaholic oil made to do its job all day. It can be used on stubble length to help your skin from getting that early beard itch, all the way to what we’ll call a “long as hell” length beard that needs to stay fed.

LiT Beard Co products are designed for every man, so use it how you like on wet or dry beards. Mike adds a few drops to his hands and rubs them slowly coating from root to tip. Anthony uses the dropper to add a few drops directly to his beard. They both then use a brush to evenly distribute and style. Reapply as often as you like to maintain a consistent odor or achieve your preferred level of shine. Once you pop the cork, use the dropper or re-cork.

We keep it simple and easy. Handcrafted from a proprietary blend of all natural oils with no crazy chemicals or additives

  • 100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

  • 100% Natural Cold Pressed Argan Oil

  • 100% Natural Cold Pressed Virgin Cannabis Hemp Oil

  • 100% Natural Virgin Grapeseed Oil

Don't Know Who The F We Are?

🧀 Wisconsin Based. 🇺🇸 Veteran Owned. 🤘 Wax Dipped Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Everything Company. 🍺 Taking care of THIRSTY BEARDS in the Midwest

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