Naughty List Balm (2oz)

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Smells Like: Peppermint + Gingerbread

WARNING: A patchy, itchy and rancid beard WON’T help your Lady Friend get close!

Get a quick solution that HYDRATES your beard with a great smell and lasts all day WITHOUT a greasy look or feel.

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Spicy/Buttery Gingerbread, blended with sweet bright peppermint.
You’ll walk room to room smelling like Christmas cookies without leaving any crumbs behind ;) You’d be a Wise Man to get this one...LOL! Merry Christmas!
Scent is medium to strong

    Balm Benefits

    • Styles
    • Moisturizes
    • Controls

    How To Use Balm:
    Use as often as you like :)

    This balm works in all situations and hits on everything your beard needs. Temperature changes may make the balm feel a little grainy. That’s ok! Just work the balm in your palm or between your fingers and thumb to warm and remove the graininess.

    This was made for all beards, so all ways can work. Take your index and middle finger and rub them on the balm. Rub with your them to warm it and work it into your beard. You can do it with damp or dry beard hair. Or, apply a bit by dragging a brush across it and brushing into your beard directly. Reapply as often as you like to maintain a consistent odor or achieve your preferred level of shaping. Use your hands or a brush to create your desired shape.

    Balm Ingredients

    • 100% Pure Organic Cosmetic Grade White Beeswax
    • Naturally Enriched Pure Unrefined Raw Shea Butter
    • 100% Natural Mango Butter
    • 100% Pure Golden Jojoba Oil
    • 100% Pure Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
    • 100% Pure Cold Pressed Therapeutic Grade Hemp Seed Oil
    • 100% Natural Pure Cold Pressed Argan Oil
    • Fragrance Oil

    Don't Know Who The F We Are?

    🧀 Wisconsin Based. 🇺🇸 Veteran Owned. 🤘 Wax Dipped Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Everything Company. 🍺 Taking care of THIRSTY BEARDS in the Midwest

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